"Excellence is our Standard"
Kevin & Sandra Riley
 Norman, Oklahoma
AKC Champion Bulldog Studs available to approved bitches
Bulldog puppies from AKC Champions available occasionally

We are K-Sand's Bulldogs . We are located in Norman, Oklahoma and have been loving, breeding, and exhibiting the beautiful Bulldog for over 12 years. Our first Bulldog show was the 1998 Bulldog Club of America (BCA) Nationals held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. That is where we fell in love with the sport of exhibiting this great breed. Bulldogs are commonly refered to as "English Bulldogs" just to distinguish it from all the other bull-breeds. However, according to the BCA and AKC it is known specifically as  "Bulldog".
In the past 12 years of breeding and exhibiting our Bulldogs we have had the fortune of breeding 10 AKC Champions of record. Wich has made us eligible for the Bulldog Club of America Breeder's Hall of Fame. They are listed as follows:
                   Ch K-SAND's Just Jazzy
                   Ch Newcomb's Valiant Jerry
                   Ch. K-Sand's Preacher Man
                   Ch. K-Sand's Bodacious Bully Boy
                   Ch. K-Sand's Deacon
                   Ch. K-Sand's Pudgy Chubz Bell
                   Ch. K-Sand's Angel
                   Ch. K-Sand's Mo Ho Mama
                   Ch. Whalen's Bentley Deacon of K-Sand's
                   CH. K-Sand's Just Punkin
We have a few dogs bred by K-Sand's that are well on their way. 
                  K-Sand's Dayum Yankee....5 points 1 major
                  K-Sand's Mufasa of ANW.........5 points 1 major
                  K-Sand's Win Pigs Fly .....3 points
                  K-Sand's Mr. Cobb 2 points

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Bulldog Breeders of Oklahoma specializing in Breeding and showing the finest Bulldogs and Champion Bulldog Studs in the world.

You can contact us any time by email in reguards to our champion english bulldog studs raised and bred here in oklahoma. We will assist you in making the correct decision in which of our bulldog studs will be the best phenotype/genotype match for your Bulldog bitch. Our AKC Champion Bulldog studs are some of the best bulldogs in the world. Take the time to visit our English Bulldog Stud page.

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Ch K-Sand's MO HO MAMA "Lainers"
Kevin and Sandra were inducted into the Bulldog Club of America Breeders Hall Of Fame in 2014